Kill with a Borrow Sword



Dr. Perry has written an electrifying story that is ripped from today’s headlines.  The tale opens with Jake and Mira Downing, the main characters from Perry’s previous novel Cold Way Cyber Spy, flying into Venice, Italy to visit their son, Marc, who is stationed at a nearby NATO air base.

Downing, now a retired senior intelligence analyst, lives in the Virginia countryside with his wife, Mira.

An act of violence in the Russian Federation triggers a series of events that can affect the national security of the United States.

Shocking events follow in Russia that are surprisingly linked to Jake and Mira and force them to quickly return to the U.S. for their own safety.  The story then takes twists and turns ranging from romance, espionage, corruption and plans for a major attack on the U.S. Homeland.

Jake is persuaded to work, once again, from within the intelligence community to help prevent a disaster.  More than two-thirds of the population of the U.S. could perish.  Jake calls upon his years of experience and works with Marc and an old friend to prevent the catastrophe.

The crisis practically lands on Jake and Mira’s doorstep.

The story is a deeply engaging and exciting tale that spans decades and is seasoned with deep emotions and devious international conspiracies.

Kill with a Borrowed Sword takes place in the present day and is steeped with insight into the challenges America faces with its greatest strategic competitor.

If you like thrillers – you’ll love Kill with a Borrowed Sword.